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Academic College Coaching Summer Series for Recent High School Graduates! 

College Friends

Empower Your Academic Journey with Personalized College Support

Welcome to a space where academic success meets personalized guidance! I have extensive experience teaching at the university level and a deep understanding of college expectations, I am dedicated to empowering college students to thrive academically. Drawing from both my university and secondary teaching experiences, I recognize the challenges students face in navigating the college landscape.

 My Story

I started teaching in 2001 and I have over twenty-four years of experience in education. As an educator who has walked the path of higher education, I understand the importance of feeling empowered and prepared for success. My passion is fueled by the belief that every student deserves the opportunity to be their best self. I am here to provide the support and tools you need to be successful and confident on your academic journey.

Services Offered

Academic and Study Skills Support

I specialize in offering comprehensive academic and study skills support tailored to college students. My approach involves a meticulous multi-step process to ensure your unique needs are addressed effectively.

College Preparation Expertise

Navigating the transition from high school to college can be overwhelming. I offer guidance to help you smoothly transition into the college environment, preparing you for the challenges and expectations that lie ahead.

My Approach


Assessing your needs


Creating an individualized plan together


Regular check-ins!


Specifically designed resources

Tailored Support

  1. Assessment: I take the time to understand your individual needs through a thorough assessment process, identifying areas for improvement and growth.

  2. Individualized Plan: Based on the assessment, I develop a personalized plan that caters to your academic strengths and challenges, ensuring a targeted and effective approach.

  3. Regular Check-ins and Motivational Messages: Continuous support is key. I provide regular check-ins to monitor progress and share motivational messages to keep you inspired and focused.

  4. Specifically Designed Resources: I create resources grounded in universal design for learning principles, ensuring accessibility and effectiveness for all students

Schedule a free consultation meeting with me to see if I might be a good fit for your needs!

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